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Baloeran Ecolodge Located 254 km from SUrabaya, East Java, 4 hours from Bromo, 40 minutes from Ketapang Harbour and Banyuwangio Baru Train Station, 90 minutes from Belimbing Sari Airport Banyuwangi. 24 hours public transport from Surabaya either Banyuwangi or Bali
During mangrove trekking at bird trail, many animal spotted
3 hours walking village tour with our local guide in the afternoon untill sun set to traditional fisherman village
You can enjoy the sun rise of the eastern village of JAVA with traditionally fisherman scenery
Waiting for a while at some spot is worth it
Local food made by local people
Traditional Fisherman village delivered so much knowledge
Our private wildlife photo galery
Five rooms with no AC and hot shower
Covering the main spot




Stay at our ecolodge with comfort room, antique interior, Wi-Fi, wall fan, Wildlife Photo Gallery , hot water shower, Information about ecotourism spot in Eastjava,



Post card, T shirt, Baluran National Park Photo book

Ecotour Package

ecotour 1

Tracking the jungle with professional eco interpreter

Ecotour package 2 Days 1 Night

Day 1 , Meeting poin at Baloeran Ecolodge, village tour after check in

Day 2, Baluran Nat.Park ecotour, sunrise at savanna (or traditional fishery village; optional), landscaping, watching tower,  bama beach, mangrove /birding trail and ever green forest and check out

Ecotour package 3 days 2 Nights

Day 1 meeting point at Baloeran Ecolodge

Day 2, Baluran Nat.Park ecotour, the sun rise at savanna, landscaping, watching tower, Bama beach, mangrove/birding trail and ever green forest

Day 3,  Tabuhan Island

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